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Tangentially related to someone in the audience. Hi!

If a game has a community forum, you can bet your ass there’s going to be people on there giving their opinions. You can then bet someone else’s ass a large portion of those opinions are going to be negative. The peeps who think everything’s good and fine will be less likely to say so. Why would they? Nothing needs to change, after all. But those who got beef with the state of the game (or anything tangentially relating to it) will be very vocal in the hopes of getting the developers to change things. Problem is, the most people generally say is “this is wrong and you need to fix it”.

After reading such comments, many a developer may (silently) agree “yes that is indeed wrong”, only to then ask themselves “but how do I make it right?” And that’s a difficult question. It’s one thing to point out a flaw, but it’s an entirely different task to come up with a decent fix for it.

This is something a lot of community participants don’t understand. But some do. And when they write an elaborate post explaining their idea for a possible solution, it warms my heart. It doesn’t even have to be a good or usable proposal (players aren’t developers, after all), it just has to be something. A something that shows they understand “just complaining isn’t enough”. And hell, it isn’t. Providing a possible fix gives the developer better insight into where the players feel the problem lies, which enables them to find the root cause of the issue slightly easier.

And that’s a good thing because then, after lots of hard work, maybe the players won’t have to complain anymore.
~ Fang

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