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Can you imagine it was once a monumental achievement for you to be able to divide 105 by 35?

As I’ve grown and gained experience over the past few years I’ve noticed something that, on closer inspection, is super logical. You just don’t pay much attention to it normally, so when you spot it you get softly slapped in the face. Everything you’ve ever done dwarf in comparison to what you’re going through right now. Not sure if this trend applies to everyone, and I’m sure it becomes more minor as you get older, but it’s definitely there for me.

I’m currently taking a minor in embedded vision design, which involves all kinds of wacky logical and mathematical operations, and a bunch of hardware-side knowledge too! Before that I had my internship, which was a nice challenge but nothing insurmountable. The two years leading up to that were filled with my software engineering studies which were, for the most part, a walk in the park. The years before that? High school, best and easiest time of my life.

As you progress up the “look at the coolness of the shit I’m doing” ladder, you start realizing everything leading up to this has been rather insignificant. It doesn’t really look like much when you’re standing up this high. But then, as you climb higher, that what you once thought was a pretty big deal suddenly becomes “just another small thing” in the bigger picture.

For how long will that continue? It’s cool to see I’ve grown enough to see my previous experiences for the cakewalks they actually were, but it’s also a bit scary. I see my current experiences as pretty big, but are they really? Will they just end up being small specs in an even more enormous picture? Where does the picture even end? Should I even want it to end somewhere?

And what happens when you realize you’ve inevitably started climbing down the ladder again?
~ Fang


  • 18/09/2015 (12:56 PM)

    The thing is that even though they are insignificant looking back, they were very significant at the time. If you didn’t go through them you wouldn’t be where you were. When you’re atop a giant robot destroying the world high school won’t seem like much, but it was necessary and it was something big at the time.

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