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Time to use GameMaker!

Oh boy I’m feeling that maker fever.

The minor I’m following (embedded vision design/computer vision for those that didn’t know) happens to involve some hardware aspects. Can’t say that’s exactly my field of work. I’m more of a software guy, and anything going further than what the programs on your PC can touch is like mystical voodoo to me. Still, I’m capable of learning, and actually interested in doing so.

Those weekend project type of things have always seemed interesting to me, especially when there was some programmable aspect to it. All that hardware though, seems to intimidating. But apparently there’s really good places to start these days, even if you start with practically zero knowledge of electronic. One of my teammates told me the Arduino Starter Kit is actually pretty good, thoroughly explaining everything you do in the projects it guides you through.

The thing with electronics though is that there’s an initial investment to be made before you can even get started. You need parts, materials, what have you. That costs money. The starter kit I mentioned? A hefty investment of a hundred Euros. Granted, it supplies all the parts you need for the tutorial projects, and most all of them are reusable for future endeavors.

Still, what if I end up not liking it?
~ Fang

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