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Boy am I ever stubborn in this.

Having a positive mindset going into things is important for success. Having a flexible enough mindset to make comebacks from less positive outlooks is equally crucial. Too bad it’s also way more difficult, for me at least. I’m perfectly capable of starting out with a fresh and “clean” mindset and using that to begin things well. But once I hit some bumps, mess things up, or whatever else may put me in a bad mood? There’s no coming back from that.

And that sucks, because then it becomes a self-perpetuating issue. You feel like everything’s going shit, so of course everything you do goes shit. Seeing this makes you feel even worse, resulting in even worse output, and so it continues. It’s been happening more and more frequently for me. Not with anything important luckily, but mostly in video games. As I get more and more competitive, I also expect better results of myself, making the mistakes or losses hit even harder.

And that really messes with the fun-factor for me, so I need to find away around that.
~ Fang

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