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Oh boy I’m feeling that maker fever.

The minor I’m following (embedded vision design/computer vision for those that didn’t know) happens to involve some hardware aspects. Can’t say that’s exactly my field of work. I’m more of a software guy, and anything going further than what the programs on your PC can touch is like mystical voodoo to me. Still, I’m capable of learning, and actually interested in doing so.

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This is not a cyber-bullying post. Get that shit outta here.

Today Riot released they Legends Rising documentary series, which reports on the lives and ambitions of six notable players this season. I’m not normally someone to really warm up to celebrity hype or anything, but they series is actually quite enjoyable. It definitely helps that they picked one player from each region, resulting in very diverse backgrounds. I think the players themselves also play a strong role though. (And of course that I’m getting myself mad invested in the League scene, but eh.)

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Local scenes

Well apparently there’s a “local/regional scene” for everything nowadays.

Spent some time playing Smash with an online community today. Got my ass handed to me a thousand times over (wasn’t until seven games in I got my first kill), but had a good time regardless. Still have plenty to learn, but I know I don’t have what it takes to become top-tier anyway. So I just keep it casual and fun, because hey, video games.

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Boy am I ever stubborn in this.

Having a positive mindset going into things is important for success. Having a flexible enough mindset to make comebacks from less positive outlooks is equally crucial. Too bad it’s also way more difficult, for me at least. I’m perfectly capable of starting out with a fresh and “clean” mindset and using that to begin things well. But once I hit some bumps, mess things up, or whatever else may put me in a bad mood? There’s no coming back from that.

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Tangentially related to someone in the audience. Hi!

If a game has a community forum, you can bet your ass there’s going to be people on there giving their opinions. You can then bet someone else’s ass a large portion of those opinions are going to be negative. The peeps who think everything’s good and fine will be less likely to say so. Why would they? Nothing needs to change, after all. But those who got beef with the state of the game (or anything tangentially relating to it) will be very vocal in the hopes of getting the developers to change things. Problem is, the most people generally say is “this is wrong and you need to fix it”.

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