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20 08 15

The template

It’s old news that most stories and plots can be broken down to a couple of simple “templates”, right?

But somehow I still pay it a lot of thought. Frequently when I’m watching a movie I’ll recognize genre-typical archetypes in the characters, which aids me in predicting (read: assuming) their specific role in the story. One the one hand, this is a bit of a hindrance. It keeps me from just watching movies for the fun of it, I’ll always have a critical eye looking around.

On the other, it’s always surprisingly fun to be proven wrong. If the plot suddenly deviates from the expectation laid down by the assumed template, you get completely thrown off as to how everything past this point will proceed. It brings back part of the mystery to the story.

It’s been a while though since I last saw a film where absolutely everything felt new. There was always this very typical character or that one overused plot element that’d stick out and catch my eye.

Maybe I should take off my glasses next time.
~ Fang


  • 21/08/2015 (12:21 AM)

    You should definitely take off the glasses. Maybe. But you are right. It’s something you notice a lot as a creator too. Sometimes you do it deliberately, sometimes you don’t, but you will inevitably use archetypes and tropes.

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