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21 08 15

The Seeders

Here’s to all the folks spending their upload bandwidth on delivering us our precious files.

Found myself in a not particularly uncommon situation a couple of days ago. Wanted to get some large files onto my computer, so of course I look at BitTorrent for its ease of use, transfer speed, and overall being a sweet protocol. But what do I spy upon starting the transfer? Looks like only 80% of the data is actually available among all peers. That’s not very fun!

So I head back and scroll through the comment section. “I can’t get past 80%!” “Is this torrent dead?” All those comments were at least a week old. Scrolling back up a bit, one catches my eye: “Direct download here: [link]”. I double-check. It is indeed a direct download link for a 140 GB large file. Well, at least it’s something, let’s reel that monster in.

And so I left my computer on for five days straight, downloading a huge file with a speed of, at best, 600 KB/s. If my internet connection had decided to do something wanky, then I would’ve had to start all over again. Luckily I didn’t have to, and I’m now sharing the complete set of files with peers so they can enjoy the speedy download I never had.

Going through the effort for such a thing makes you appreciate how readily available most things tend to be these days. Good stuff.
~ Fang


  • 24/08/2015 (2:41 PM)

    I couldn’t imagine downloading that much in one go. I think the most I have is probably 7GB. I’d be too worried about my connection dying and I’ve had it happen with much smaller files. The people who seed things are the heroes the internet needs and deserves.

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