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27 08 15

The sea

Oceans are welcome, too.

I love those big, huge bodies of water. Cresting waves, salty taste and feel, unimaginable vastness. Wjat more could you want? Whenever I’m someplace I haven’t been before, and they have a nice coastline, I get the urge to go for a swim. Nothing like throwing your life into one of nature’s most brutal forces, right?

Though I’m not much of a swimmer I definitely enjoy moving with or against the waves, feel the tides pulling and pushing, all that great stuff. And of course the near-coast wildlife the water brings is always nice too. Crabs, starfish, small anemones.

Beaches are great too, as long as they are sandy and clean, but that’s a different topic.
~ Fang


  • 28/08/2015 (2:17 PM)

    I can’t swim so I tend to get out of the ocean. For a long time as a child I was actually afraid of it. I was worried it’d pull me under. This year I braved a bit more of it than usual and it did feel great lapping around my feet.

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