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Have you heard of Boku No Cactus?

You can wake me up in the middle of the night for this shit, and you’d only get a short scolding.

Much to my dismay I have to admit I’m not that great at strategy. You generally won’t find me looking ten moves ahead, inspecting the flow of the bigger picture, or making an incredibly tight comeback from an even tighter situation. I do, however, enjoy using strategical (or tactical, if you will) gimmicks. This can sometimes work in my favor, usually backfires, but always is a lot of fun.

I’m talking about the smallest niches in strategically-oriented games here. Building a deck around that one card that’s pretty horrible on its own, or a combo that wins the game when fully executed, but is so fragile it rarely gets to do so. Or maybe it’s just piling on all kinds of annoy-o-factors for your opponent in an attempt to win the game by making them rage-quit.

Not sure what does it for me, why I like these things so much. Maybe it’s the surprise-factor, or just how they tend to be easy to see, so I get to figure things out for myself for a change. Guess I also just like collecting the hipster-points that come with using a non-dominant strategy.

I suck at games.
~ Fang

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