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16 08 15

Standby lights

If you walk into our living room in the dark, you’ll see a row of red and blue lights to your left.

Look, I can understand why they’re there for some devices. Starting it up takes ages, so instead you have a standby mode to put it into, and you want to be able to know if it’s actually in standby or just off. But most devices actually don’t have a hard off state that doesn’t involve pulling its plug. Considering most technology just stands in the same spot for years on end, what’s the point?

I’m fine with standby mode being a thing in most cases, but the lights just seem so unnecessary. For me as a user, there’s no difference in how I use something depending on if it’s in standby or not. I just turn it on, hope it doesn’t take too long, and go about my business. If startup time is short, then that’s great, but I don’t need to know that’s because it was just in standby.

Still hate how standby’s the silent power sucker it is though, I’d much rather have things with a hard off switch so I know they don’t draw any power anymore. If that means a second longer booting time that’s fine for me, but to appease others companies may have to invest in a faster way to kick devices into gear.

Then again modern day devices are way complex, so it’s not as easy as it used to be.
~ Fang

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