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I have a rather odd and inefficient way of working on projects, especially my own.

It’s no secret I can have some trouble motivating myself to actually get to work for a change. Not infrequently do I open up my code editor and look at my code, only to sigh and go back to fucking around again. And that’s bad, obviously it doesn’t get me or my project anywhere. But then when I do finally sit down to get shit done, it never lasts for longer than a couple of hours. I always get distracted or simply stop after a relatively short amount of time working.

This makes my efforts painfully inefficient, to say the least. Projects go days without a single change, and the changes that do happen are generally small or incomplete. Yes, I occasionally find the zone and work my ass off for more than two hours producing actually rather decent results, but it’s so rare these days.

If only I had an easy way to consistently get myself into that sweet-spot of the “let’s do stuff” attitude. “Just do it” is the best advice I can give myself.
~ Fang


  • 03/08/2015 (3:48 AM)

    I’m the same way, which is why I need structure. Actual organization. I write myself a spreadsheet schedule, and say from 7-8 am I’m doing (X task) ONLY. That way I can’t put it off till later… which is easy to end up doing, and often means “just won’t do it.”

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