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Desperation is starting to strike…

Talked yesterday about my non-functional hardmod of my 3DS. Tried it on a friend’s computer that very same night, and guess what, it actually worked! But then I take it out for a second to double-check its current software version, just so I can give the backup a meaningful name, and upon plugging it back in it behaves as it always has: invisible. Big giant piece of fuck.

Spent a few more hours today trying to figure one of the more basic things out: why the hell does OS X not pick up on it at all? The only trace I found is that it registers there’s a device in the USB port, but it doesn’t do anything with it. I can’t even mount it myself, much less send data to it. And it’s a mystery to me why it doesn’t work. I have no quadruple-checked my soldering, the way the cables run, everything. It’s all in good shape.

Taking it to another friend’s tonight, go and use their laptop, and pray to the gods that works.
~ Fang

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