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Five years?!
14 08 15

Power of threats

Initially misspelled power of treats. At least the R was still there.

Though I’m quite comfy with my current setup, I’ve still been following the 3DS homebrew scene. It’s picking up nicely from the looks of it, though still nowhere near as grand/useful as it could be. Smea’s the big name when it comes to exploits that allow you to run homebrew. And with that infamy comes a lot of responsibility. Cubic Ninja was one of the first games that were found to be exploitable. It took a while, but eventually Nintendo stopped its production and pulled it off the eShop.

But that’s the thing: there’s always more games with similar exploits. Recently Smea announced we should all download Ironfall from the eShop, and that he had an announcement coming “Soon™”. Well before he even released any details regarding the possible exploit, Nintendo noticed the “looming threat” and pulled Ironfall from the eShop. And today, Smea came forward to tell us all we should be downloading the Youtube app for the 3DS, that further news would follow later today.

At this point I’m not sure if he actually got something (he’s been delaying the announcement for over a week now), or if he’s just trying to see how far he can push Nintendo back. Whatever the case though, it is somewhat hilarious to see Nintendo panic-pull games like this. Not that I disagree with them, gotta do what you gotta do, but I wonder what Smea must think of it.

Still patiently waiting on the announcement of today.
~ Fang


  • 16/08/2015 (11:38 PM)

    Had to Google this and saw his video announcement. That’s interesting that he can use certain exploits in apps as a way of launching his homebrew. You have to be inventive with something like a Nintendo system. Meanwhile, I’m just here on my PC, modding the crap out of everything. Thomas the Tank as a dragon in Skyrim? Sure, why the hell not.

  • 15/08/2015 (2:31 PM)

    I highly doubt they’ll pull the Youtube app. I hope that they fix the games they pull and then put them back. People who find exploits have a purpose. It just might not be the one they think. Unless it’s all a huge conspiracy.

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