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A loser you will be.

I’ve been trying to pick up the Hearthstone grind recently, but for some reason it just won’t click for me. I’ve been losing nearly all my games these past few days, nothing seems to be going my way, and it’s really messing up my play. I’m fairly sure this started with some standard losing streak, and since than has just been my tilt acting up. I get aggravated when my opponent outplays me, mad at myself after refusing to think a move through well enough, and generally just enter my games with an attitude of “loss number fifty-three, here we come”.

At this point I’m not sure what exactly I need. If I can manage to get a couple of clean wins in again then that’ll definitely raise morale. But will it be enough? Maybe it’s better to just take a break of the game for a while. But when I return, won’t those losses still be stuck in my head? How do I fight this tilt?

It doesn’t help that I’m lacking quite a few core cards for fun decks I want to build, too. I’m fairly behind on the progress curve, especially since they released a new expansion recently. I’m starting to look at card crafting, which seems like a good solution, but I just need so much resources which, again, I don’t have.

Oh well, I’ll just keep playing and maybe it’ll become fun again all by itself.
~ Fang


  • 30/08/2015 (10:42 PM)

    Can you not choose who you play? Is it not ranked? Like, if you’re getting beat by higher level players, drop down a little?

    I don’t know squat about Hearthstone, mind you. I’m still playing the crap out of Gwent, though.

    • 31/08/2015 (11:20 AM)

      Yeah, it’s a ranked matchmaking system, so I get matched up with opponents of roughly equal skill. But apparently I’ve just dropped in skill level or something?

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