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It’s no secret I enjoy a nice animated short movie or cartoon from time to time. For some reason, I’m particularly fond of the works from studios with a lower budget than what’s being spent on your average high-profile cartoons. I showed you “The Reward” and its prequel a little while back (whose Kickstarter has succeeded; we’re getting two more animations!), and you can actually see they stuck to as low as possible a frame-count as possible where they could. Sounds like a bad thing, but it actually isn’t.

Having to keep the amount of frames they draw as low as possible (to keep costs down) forces them to be creative with how they animate. Strong example, in the prequel I mentioned there’s a scene in a dance club, and all the dancing being done (that isn’t silhouette background figures) is just an animation between two poses, with only one or two in-between frames, repeated over and over again. It’s way cheaper than animating entire sequences of dance moves, yet nearly as effective and thrice as charming.

Recently stumbled upon a crazy thing from Japan as well, Inferno Cop. They have only a single shot drawn of each character (45° side-view for maximum usability) and run their mini-series using that. It’s thirteen episodes of a short two minutes each, but having the animation just be jiggling the portraits around and applying special effects makes it actually affordable as a tryout side-show. (It doesn’t even need fancy animation though, the comedy’s actually pretty good.)

Then again I’m no expert on animation, so this is just a casual viewer’s observations.
~ Fang

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