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25 08 15

Long range WiFi

One of the best parts of the technology.

I’m currently situated on a camping, but I still have WiFi! Closest building is at least an estimated 80 meters away, yet I have over ten different access points at my disposal. Goes to show how long a range they all have!

It’s an amazing piece of tech, really. And one that’s more or less expected in this day and age. You can see more and more festivals, events and locations use long range WiFi to provide their visitors with a connected experience, and most haven’t even begun to touch on what you can do with it.

I’m sure there’s some fun things you can do if you get creative with it. For a stupid example, you could redirect all social media websites to the event webpage. Or maybe you could set up an interactive game where you score points by connecting to different access points, encouraging people to explore the terrain.

Fun stuff. Too bad it can easily get slow, what with the many people that can connect.
~ Fang

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