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07 08 15

Keeping it fresh

If you haven’t heard of Muzei you’ve probably never thought of ricing up your phone.

Where ricing’s slang for making something look prettier, not pushing it through a sieve. Muzei‘s a great little tool that randomizes your homescreen wallpaper (and if you do it right, by extension, your lockscreen too). You can select a source to pull images from (downloaded extras or create your own!) and specify a refresh rate. Worried about your icons and widgets getting hard to read? Don’t worry, Muzei can automagically blur, darken or greyscale your wallpaper for you to solve that!

I installed it about a week ago and instantly fell in love with it. I got myself a good source of minimalistic and/or abstract drawings which it cycles through, but some of the “pretty picture” sets with nature or space are also really cool. Have it set to change approximately once per day, so I always have something fresh and new to look at, without it becoming too distracting. It’s nice, gives my phone a slightly more dynamic look.

For desktop wallpapers it’s similar, I change those manually once a month. Don’t see ’em too often anyway.
~ Fang


  • 10/08/2015 (1:21 PM)

    I already have my desktop wallpapers set to a slideshow that changes daily. I considered it for my phone but didn’t know a way to do it. And, admittedly, was too lazy to search for one. Cheers.

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