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31 08 15

It is beginning

And here I thought I’d have another extra day of summer.

For the next half year I’ll be doing a minor in Embedded Vision Design, which means I’ll be working on image-recognition applications for machinery. What kinds of machinery? All kinds of kinds! The schedule for the first week has been up for a while now, showing empty days on Monday and Tuesday. That would’ve been a great lazy start to the year, if it wasn’t for that email I got yesterday. One of the subjects has been rescheduled to Tuesday, tomorrow.

So all of a sudden I had to figure things out a day earlier. When I say “things”, all I actually mean is checking the routing for public transport, and getting some stuff together for easy packing of my bag. Still, it’s kind of a bummer if your free day suddenly gets replaced with the first day of the year.

Eh, it’s not all that bad. I’m sure it’ll be a fun start. Apparently the project groups will be made tomorrow already, nothing like being (probably) forcefully teamed up with strangers to kickstart things socially. Not even kidding. I sometimes struggle with the “hey who are you” phase even though it’s so standard and easy (“hey you here for the minor?”, “me too, what study are you from?”, etc.), it can just feel a tad uncomfortable to me for some reason.

Here’s to an unexpectedly early (but still late-ish) start!
~ Fang


  • 01/09/2015 (3:46 AM)

    Here’s hoping it’s a good start to the year. A day early doesn’t sound too bad. At least you’ll still get Mondays off.

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