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Over a month in the making!

But Mr. Protagonist, that’s a lie!

Jokes aside, in PvP video games there will definitely be moments where a match feels completely lost, despite only being a minute or a couple of turns in. You can describe this as tilt; built up frustration from previous losses or bad experiences resulting in a negative mindset and bad play. I sometimes have it in the first few moment of my first game of the day though, so either I’m really prone to tilting, or there’s something else at play here.

As I’ve shamefully admitted before, I’m not very big at strategizing, seeing the bigger picture. I can see all the open cards and understand how they relate, but I have trouble thinking outside of that frame other than the occasional “it’d be neat if I pulled this card right now”. Maybe that lack of understanding all possibilities prevents me from seeing numerous outs in a situation that, at first sight, seems overwhelmingly hopeless?

If you play against me in a card game and stomp me in the first few turns, you’ll get me to that point of frustration. I’ll come very close to simply conceding and starting a new match, hoping for a better starting hand or whatever. But most of the time, I don’t cross that line, I don’t give up. And as I keep playing, I slowly realize that it’s still pretty much anyone’s game at this point. I counter some of my opponent’s moves, return some damage, and soon enough we’re even again. The fight continues.

That’s right kids, never surrender.
~ Fang

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