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08 08 15

Hardcore hardmod

Remember that gaming handheld I more or less made useless to me by updating to the latest firmware? Here’s some news!

Yesterday I decided to go ahead and hardmod the thing. That will allow me to access the system memory, and overwrite it with a backup I made some time ago, essentially downgrading it. All fun and games until you realize you need to solder some wires onto the thing’s motherboard to do this. They’re very tiny contact points, and the board’s rather cramped, so it’s risky business. Luckily my dad has some soldering experience, so he lent me a hand, and we actually managed to get some wires running without breaking anything.

Another small victory was that I managed to solder the other ends of the wires onto a SD-to-USB adapter all by myself! Connected it to the device, booted it up, and it gave a blue screen with an error. …Just as expected! But then I go to plug it into my computer, and nothing shows up. “Eh, probably OS X being fucky.” Boot up Windows, it shows, but apparently I have zero rights on it. The tool I’d use for backing up and restoring doesn’t even see it!

In a last-ditch effort I built a bootable Ubuntu USB drive, and tried it from that system. No luck. A friend will be coming over with his laptop tonight, I’ll use it in a desperate attempts to get it to work. If it still doesn’t, maybe the wiring’s wrong? But I double-checked it all, tested the connections with a multi-meters, everything!

If this doesn’t work I fear I’m shit out of luck.
~ Fang


  • 10/08/2015 (4:06 AM)

    I’ve always feared I’d brick one of my phones. So far I haven’t.

    At least all hope isn’t lost (yet).

    Haven’t tried to modify a handheld. I don’t think I have the technical stones to try that. Best of luck!

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