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Not finishing projects since 1994.

The greatest thing happened to me today.

Queued up for a game. I had selected a role I rarely ever play and am completely shit at, and then searched for a group of players in the other roles. By some coincidence I ended up in a group of four dudebros who were queueing up together. We load into the game, I say it’s more or less my first time with the role. “That’s fine, don’t worry.” And then when I inevitably fucked up and got two of us killed, typing the honest “my bad” into chat, they responded with “no problem”.

This may not seem like that big a deal, but it actually is. Not only because the community of the game can be rather toxic at times, but also because it makes for a great environment for me to practice in. Making mistakes is no fun, especially not when you’re being called all kinds of obscenities after one misstep. On the other hand, knowing that your team doesn’t care much and just wants to have fun definitely helps in feeling less terrible about yourself after a huge misplay.

I ask to be invited to another game with their group, and they happily oblige. Apparently they’re some dudes from southern Belgium. They say they’re getting drunk, we joke about the Dutch weed, and load into the second game. This one we all mess up rather badly, but it was still fun times.

As great as all that is, I don’t think I’ll ever be good at this role.
~ Fang

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