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The topic crossed conversation tonight, so here we go.

Let’s just start off with an example. My parents were raised religiously, but somewhere down the road they decided “this isn’t for me, I can see flaws, etc”, and they continued their lives as non-believers. Got some kids, and of course they were raised as atheists as well. (That’s me, hi!)

It’s through those kinds of realisations and differences in perspective that we all get a different upbringing than our parents had. Of course time and location play a role as well, and of course there’s people who swear by the whole “it worked for me so it must work for my kids” thing, but this is generally how kids get raised differently. Through their life experiences, folks turn into people of themselves and deviate from the “rules” applied to then via their upbringing, so their kids end up with a different kind of starting point.

Then again this is a rather old, non-modern way of looking at things, and it’s already kind of late.
~ Fang

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