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“You, big corporation, should communicate more with your community!” “Okay sure thing.” “Shut up you’re saying things I don’t agree with. Damage control! Idiots!”

My fucking god. Let me sketch the scene for you. A game company has grown in popularity way faster than they had expected. They’ve broken many a growth record and are the leading name in their category. Despite having become way large, they have not yet managed to satisfy many of the things the community so deeply desires, features which similar games have seemingly easily delivered on already. Radio silence makes the players feel worse about this, so they cry out and ask for more transparency.

Fast-forward to now, the company has released a post in which they describe what is and isn’t being worked on, how and why they made that selection, and what the idea for everything is moving forward. They plan on making these posts a quarterly thing. They stated they are not currently working on two of the most requested features, for mostly technical and game design reasons.

The community, in true entitled internet man-children fashion, goes completely mad. Seemingly nobody agrees with their reasoning, any positivity (ie compliments towards their increased transparency and willingness to share some of their behind-the-scenes thoughts) gets shot down immediately, leaving nothing but a wasteland of toxicity.
And that fucking maddens me.

I can understand why people want the feature so bad, I can see how it’s pretty much a necessity at this point, but I’m no certified game design, and neither are all the noisemakers. I can certainly see how their technological constraints are keeping them down (they simply haven’t had the time to improve/replace their old, hastily expanded infrastructure which is a huge pain in the ass to deal with), and some of their design-side reasoning doesn’t even sound all that bad.

Maybe it’s because I’m a developer myself? Maybe it’s because all this bitching is making me never want to make software for the general public? Who knows.
~ Fang


  • 07/08/2015 (1:37 AM)

    I’m not a developer but I have sympathy towards people who can’t develop as fast as people would like. I have no idea what game or community you’re talking about but most communities are toxic. I applaud the people for taking the time to be transparent and say why they’re not implementing what people want them to. I hope they aren’t too deterred and continue to be open like that in the future, and that the fans calm their collective tits.

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