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What delightful anguish

So I did some grocery shopping today, nothing out of the ordinary.

After pulling myself through the initial struggle of actually getting out of my chair and biking to the shopping center, I was confronted with a shitload of microwave meals and other “easy” foods. They’ve always been there, but this time they seemed a bit more… appealing, tempting almost. That could be because I hadn’t had lunch yet. Or maybe the lazy in me is taking over?

It’s disturbing, actually. I can see it happening in other parts of my day-to-day as well. Strong example, I’m having a very hard time putting effort into projects for which I once had the greatest motivation to work on. And that sucks, because it goes against my spare time work ethic, yet I somehow can’t bring myself to change anything about it.

Guess I’m just hitting one of those lows again? Lets hope it changes by the time school starts again.
~ Fang

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