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29 08 15

Blog post

I’ve gradually transitioned into doing something I wouldn’t have imagined doing originally.

A fair amount of my posts recebtly have been more standard, traditional-style posts. You know, actual web log things rather than short articles or opinion pieces. Diary entries rather than informative texts. But the original intent of the blog was the opposite!

That’s probably due to a combination of factors, with speedy content flow being the strongest contributor. I can’t produce high-quality texts on a daily basis, and descriptions of personal experiences are way easy to write, so they kind of fill the gaps wherever that’s needed.

And that’s not a bad thing per say, I still do this mostly as an outlet medium for myself. But that’s just the reason why, and I guess I felt obligated to explain that for some reason.

Also, this keeps the content personal, so I guess that’s a pro.
~ Fang


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