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15 08 15

Best of fives

A format frequently found in competitions of all kinds, and what a treat they are.

Speaking from experience with League of Legends here, but fairly sure most of this goes for other games where the best of five format is used as well. Depending on how long your average match takes, these can either be short and intense, or a nice way to spend your saturday evening.

In League, most games are played as single matches. Two teams face off and whoever wins that one match gets to walk away victories for the day. Now with playoffs, the best of five format is used. This is such a different viewing experience, not only because you get to watch the same teams face off for more games, but also in that you get to see them develop from game to game. They’ll figure out each other’s strategies, come up with ways to play better against each other.

Not to mention those series where the second game ends, 2-0 for team A, and game 3 starts off in their favor as well. Then suddenly, team B turns it around and pull a victory out of thin air. Game 4 here we come! It’s always fun to see things go to game 5, then it’s “do or die” for both teams, which can get really intense.

Considering the average competitive game of League lasts 30- or 40-something minutes though, five games, with fluff in between, tkae a long time.
~ Fang

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