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23 08 15

Away for a bit

Given that I only have approximately a single week of summer vacation left, I figured I’d actually focus on the “vacation” part a bit.

My parents are currently on one of the northern Dutch islands, as they have been most every summer for as long as I can remember. Haven’t gone with them in a few years, so I figured, why not surprise them and drop by for a visit? The weather’s nice right now, and I could go for a couple of relaxing “can’t even do anything” days.

I’m not doing anything productive right now, still in that slump. Need to take my mind off it, or at least put myself in a better physical location to deal with it, and this may help. Of course it’ll also be hilarious to just show up there without any warning.

Now I have to hope I accounted for all the things I needed to bring, don’t want to forget something.
~ Fang


  • 24/08/2015 (2:38 PM)

    It’s awesome you’d go surprise your parents like that. Have fun.

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