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24 08 15


Or was it hakuna matatta? Or both?

Anyway, as briefly outlined in yesterday’s post, I headed over to some Dutch island to join my parents on their vacation. Without letting them know beforehand, of course. I mean, what’s the fun in ruining a couple’s quality time together if you announce your evil deed before it’s done? That’s right, there is none.

Since the end of the summer vacation season is nearing, it’s actually rather calm on the camping here. So far I’ve only heard three yelling kids and one German, so you might as well say the place is deserted. And it’s a nice change of pace indeed.

Way back when I was involuntarily dragged here every summer, I heard people talk about the island mentality and how it’s so laid back. I thought it was bullshit. Now that I’m a grown man capable of proper good independent thought, I still think it is. Except now I can reason whu. It’s not the island mentality, it’s the mentality of everyone enjoying their summertime vacations here.

Well, I’m off to bed exceptionally early. That’s what I get for joining my parents.
~ Fang


  • 27/08/2015 (2:48 PM)

    Hopefully you didn’t walk in on anything no one should ever see their parents doing. And that they were happy to see you. I’ve never been to an island so I can’t say if there is an island mentality. I can tell you I’ve been on enough summer vacations to know that just being on vacation isn’t enough to exude peace and tranquility so maybe there is an island mentality.

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