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31 08 15

It is beginning

And here I thought I’d have another extra day of summer.

For the next half year I’ll be doing a minor in Embedded Vision Design, which means I’ll be working on image-recognition applications for machinery. What kinds of machinery? All kinds of kinds! The schedule for the first week has been up for a while now, showing empty days on Monday and Tuesday. That would’ve been a great lazy start to the year, if it wasn’t for that email I got yesterday. One of the subjects has been rescheduled to Tuesday, tomorrow.

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A loser you will be.

I’ve been trying to pick up the Hearthstone grind recently, but for some reason it just won’t click for me. I’ve been losing nearly all my games these past few days, nothing seems to be going my way, and it’s really messing up my play. I’m fairly sure this started with some standard losing streak, and since than has just been my tilt acting up. I get aggravated when my opponent outplays me, mad at myself after refusing to think a move through well enough, and generally just enter my games with an attitude of “loss number fifty-three, here we come”.

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29 08 15

Blog post

I’ve gradually transitioned into doing something I wouldn’t have imagined doing originally.

A fair amount of my posts recebtly have been more standard, traditional-style posts. You know, actual web log things rather than short articles or opinion pieces. Diary entries rather than informative texts. But the original intent of the blog was the opposite!

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28 08 15


You may have noticed the past few posts have been a bit more laid-back in a sense.

While I was on the island I cut myself some slack. Slightly more chatty/rambly posts, simple points, “couldn’t care less” writing quality. Of course I was on mobile the entire time, so some of these were inevitable, but still. The weather was nice (even the rain felt welcome) and I had nothing to do other than relax and enjoy myself, walk or bike around, see the island again for the first time in years.

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27 08 15

The sea

Oceans are welcome, too.

I love those big, huge bodies of water. Cresting waves, salty taste and feel, unimaginable vastness. Wjat more could you want? Whenever I’m someplace I haven’t been before, and they have a nice coastline, I get the urge to go for a swim. Nothing like throwing your life into one of nature’s most brutal forces, right?

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