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I love the genre, and Geometry Wars specifically will always have a special place in my heart.

Recently went ahead and purchased GW3D, because I’ve gotten way too many hours out of the older version for the Nintendo DS. The trailer looked good, and it’s a franchise I know, so why not? It’s a game in the twin-stick shooter genre. Moving and firing are the only controls there are, aside from special one-off things like bombs. That’s basically all you do, move around and shoot at enemies. Of course, there’s plenty of room to build different things around this core mechanic.

The third installment of Geometry Wars does this especially well, with even more different game modes than in their previous games. They’ve kept the traditional “collect these things off dead enemies and increase your score”, of course along with the focus on netting a lot of points. They integrated online leaderboards, which is a really nice addition to your own personal high score. Gets you a little competitive, right?

What with their control scheme though, you ideally want to play with a proper controller. Keyboard and mouse just won’t quite cut it for speed and accuracy here. As my luck’ll have it, the gamepad I own isn’t compatible with the game for some reason, so I’ll have to purchase a new one. Those things can be mad expensive though!

Managed to get my hands on a PlayStation 3 controller, and that works well. I think just getting one of those is my best option.
~ Fang

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