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The first day of our tour to Machu Picchu started off kind of hectic, with us arriving way late due to public transport issues and all that.

We somehow still managed to join the group though, and we headed to our first activity. Before we drove all the way up the mountains though, we made a short stop for lunch. Of course, I also snapped some nice pictures of the surrounding terrain. The mountains in that area are really beautiful, and way more green than what we had seen up to that point.

Once we had more or less reached the highest point the road could take us, we got out of our van and took the mountain bikes off it. That’s right, we were going downhill mountain biking! As it turned out though, it was more like downhill biking on a mountain. We stayed on the road, but it was still really exciting! Since you were going downhill nearly all the time, you could easily rack up a lot of speed. And you had to keep an eye on possible cars passing by, too! We also stopped to enjoy the great view, hah.

Afterwards, we took the van again to drive the last few miles to Santa Maria. And due to oddly organized tour shenanigans, we then had to take a taxi to Santa Teresa ourselves.
~ Fang

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