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Having recently purchased a 2TB hard drive, a grand migration had to be done.

I’m someone who generally likes to keep everything within reach. This means that I do my best to cram as much as possible onto my laptop’s internal hard drive. There usually isn’t room for an extra movie or something, so I have to watch whatever I may have put on there already, delete it, and replace it with a new unseen thing. Not that it’s a struggle or anything, just a slight inconvenience at worst. And the “your disk is almost full” messages scare me sometimes.

So with a spacious hard drive at my disposal, the first thing I do is offload the stuff that isn’t used very intensively. Movies, music backlog, and the biggest space consumer of all: ebooks (among other information resources). I actually have a surprisingly sizable collection, 42GB made up of over eight thousand PDF and similar files. Some would call me a hoarder, but let’s face it, no man wants to be found dead without a copy of the Anarchist’s Cookbook on his computer, and the Cryptozoology A to Z is simply one of the essentials.

With the migration of bulky files and folders to the external drive, I have managed to go from a mere five gigs of free internal storage space, to a nice ninety. That’s where a problem lies though: I will very likely end up filling that space with other junk, eventually ending up in the same situation I was a few days ago. Luckily there’s still a ton of space left on the external drive so I can always migrate some more things if needed, but it may be smarting to just keep myself in check.

Eight thousand ebooks though, hot diggity damn.
~ Fang


  • 30/07/2015 (2:49 PM)

    I think no one wants to be found WITH a copy of the Anarchist’s cookbook on their computer. Though hey if you find a recent edition let me know. I can only find the one from the early 2000s which is massively out of date now.

    I’m an information hoarder myself so I get your struggle. To think, back when I was a wee lad I had a computer that could only have one game installed at a time, and no music could be ripped to it. The hard drive was that small. Now I have a huge hard drive and still manage to clog it up.

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