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03 07 15


The bus ride from Puno to Cusco is a long one.

Even more so when you get called thirty minutes before midnight that yours got canceled because of a strike in Juliaca. No, they didn’t have any better alternatives than a bus that departed in five minutes. We were literally about to jump into bed, so we decided to say “fuck it”, and figure it out the next day. Oh what a mistake that was.

Turns out that when they say there’s a strike in Juliaca, they really mean it. There was not a single bus we could find that morning that had any intention of going in the direction of Cusco. We had already arranged our Machu Picchu tour there, and the briefing would be at six in the evening. No way in hell we were going to make that. Best we could do was drive all the way back to Arequipa and hope there were alternatives there. And so we did.

And alternatives we found! Well, alternatives. Plain old busses to Cusco. And as I later saw on the GPS tracker, we actually passed through Juliaca. Maybe our timing was right? Maybe the strike ended early? I have no idea what happened, but we arrived in Cusco at ten in the morning… two hours after the official start of our tour. Luckily we had been able to get in contact with one of the organizers, and we could still get things arranged for us. We joined the tour group (still not sure if they had actually waited two hours for us), and went on our merry way.

Tomorrow: organized tour adventures and struggles!
~ Fang


  • 04/07/2015 (3:24 AM)

    I didn’t realise you could jump in a tour two hours in. At least things kind of worked out. Maybe.

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