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So we had more or less finished our sight-seeing in southern Peru, and it was time to head up north.

Our first stop on the list, Iquitos, is quite a ways from Cusco though. Not only that, but it’s only reachable by boat or plane due to its location: smack dab in the middle of Peru’s part of the Amazon. The only real option here was to go by plane. Sadly, we couldn’t find any direct flights from Cusco to Iquitos, so we were forced to go via Lima. This already means you’re paying for two flights instead of one, pretty much doubling what you should expect to pay. But even if we tripled instead of doubled, all airlines were still a tad more expensive than we had hoped.

Then there’s this guy walking around in the airport. He spots us walking from airline to airline, and moves up to us. “Hey, miss. Do you need a ticket?” They always go for the female, god knows why. “Where do you need to go?” Remember, this exchange is happening in Spanish. Having just discovered our cheapest option is hella expensive, we decide to hear the guy out for a bit. Apparently he can get us plane tickets for $70 cheaper than we’ve been able to?

It all feels a bit sketch, but the “plan” he offers us seems solid enough. We are to give him our passport information (which we’ve already given to dozens of hostels) so he can book the tickets, after which he’ll give us the tickets and we’re to move to the airline’s check-in desk to get our boarding passes. Only then, after we have our official “no way these can be fake” boarding passes, we’ll get him his money.

After asking numerous airport officials if this guy was legit or not (and “use your own judgement” being the best answer we got) we decided to take the bait. We write down our details, he walks off, comes back with the tickets, we get our boarding passes and… nothing bad had happened!

But then came the catch: he wanted us to tip his translator guy that was with us for three sentences. Nope, here’s your ticket money, bye!
~ Fang

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