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Being older than a couple years and able to recall what things were like ten years ago is crazy great.

In day to day life, I frequently find myself thinking how slow change is. Sure, they promise X and Y will happen “soon”, people fighting for Z say they’re getting real close to their end goal, but rarely do you see it actually happening. In hindsight however, all the achievements jump out. “Wow fifteen years ago the internet was only just starting”, “back when I was a kid same-sex marriage was still a huge no-no”, “couple years back Greece was doing fine”.

I’ve only lived for roughly twenty-one short years, and I can already spot huge differences in the world compared to my younger years. Can’t imagine what another twenty years will bring forth, and how silly the struggles of today will seem by then. “Hah, people were concerned about internet fast-lanes? There was no reason to!” Who knows, let’s hope we can say that one day.

Cue a bunch of grandpas going “back in my day”, “when I was your age”, etc. Hell, I could see myself doing it, talking to some young kids. Then again, because of my age I’m hella disconnected from how kids these days live and grow. Would me rambling about the past really have any impact? I know I used to be like “sure thing gramps, but that’s fifty years ago”, so probably not.

Here’s hoping the changes we’ll be seeing will be good ones.
~ Fang


  • 20/07/2015 (9:16 PM)

    Yeah it’s true. Things have been changing a lot even in our lifetimes. I mean, I still grew up without internet basically until I was in sixth grade.

  • 19/07/2015 (11:54 PM)

    Back in my day, science fiction promised me flying cars. So what’s the deal, science nerds? Why hasn’t this happened yet?

    • 20/07/2015 (11:10 AM)

      “The technology just isn’t there yet.”
      Also, if it was, it’ll be a while until it’s consumer market friendly. Safety and costs and all that.

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