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Our second tour guide (shenanigans) was supposed to be in Santa Maria already. He was not.

So being the go-getters we are, we headed to the place he was supposedly at, the hot springs near Santa Maria. Of course, taxi and entrance fees were not included in the tour. Sigh, we already paid way too fucking much. Oh well. We found our guide (“Jimmy John”, I kid you not) who turned out to be a great guy, met the group we’d spend the next two days with, and enjoyed the hot springs, only then realizing how much we actually needed a nice bath.

The group was actually really nice. Had some fun conversations during dinner, got treated to a beer which I reluctantly accepted, and a shot of tequila which I was even more reluctant to actually take. But I did it anyway. That night we hit up the local disco bar, which was a lot of fun. A total of five shots of tequila, a lost and found phone and hours worth of weird Peruvian club music later, we headed to bed.

The next morning (which is to say, a couple of hours later) we got up early so we could go zip-lining! It was a wicked cool experience, especially since there’s so much great terrain there for the activity. You get a great view of the valley you cross, though even at high speeds it was still way too hot to be in the sun like that.

We took the van again and headed in the direction of Machu Picchu!
~ Fang


  • 06/07/2015 (12:09 AM)

    Finally catching up on your Peruvian adventures. What a hell of a trip thus far.

    The back of my mouth watered (in the bad way, like you’re going to puke) just at the mention of those five shots of tequila. Brave man.

    I’m looking forward to hearing about your encounter with Macho Pikachu.

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