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The Plan

We made sure to be there way ahead of time (don’t want to miss my flight), so we had a couple of days to kill in Lima.

And somehow we managed to spend those last two nights in a three-star hotel… by accident. Yeah, you read that right, we “accidentally” enjoyed a slightly more luxurious lifestyle than we had the past three weeks. It’s kind of a weird story that isn’t actually all that interesting, the bottom line is we ended up in a nice hotel with a sweet view, hot water and good fucking food. Could use some of that after that horrendous bus ride.

We had nearly three full days to spend, which we somehow managed to fill up quite nicely. Of course, there was a bit more room for relaxation, as we didn’t have anything specific we wanted to see or do anymore. The list had been cleared, everything from here on out was a nice bonus. So we strolled around the city (decently pretty if you’re in the nice neighborhoods), I went for a swim at the beach, and we even saw some more ruins! There’s an archeological site in the middle of the city, really neat stuff.

The third day was where my adventures came to an end. After scoping out some churches (one of ’em had a dungeon with bones in it) in another part of Lima (it really is absolutely huge) we headed to the airport and I got on my flight. That was it, the trip was over. It’s been an amazing month, as you may have been able to tell from all these posts about it. Peru’s got a lot to offer, a single month isn’t enough to explore it all. It gave me a really good taste though, I’ll definitely be making another big journey some time in the future.

Did I mention by the way, that I recorded my travels with a GPS tracker? Check it out!
~ Fang


  • 17/07/2015 (2:25 PM)

    Well I didn’t read all the posts about it, but the ones I did read make it sound like a fantastic journey. It really was if you’re already itching to go back. Spending some time in a hotel is a good way to end it all.

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