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Sleeping in the jungle is a really cool experience. So much noise all around you, and the night sky, my oh my.

On the second morning, we left the lodging right after breakfast for a walk through the jungle. Rubber boots, mosquito repellant, raincoats… check. Luckily the rain stopped after about ten minutes of walking, because it was already super hot without the raincoat on. We spent nearly two hours moving on small paths and occasionally making our own. Though we didn’t see a lot of wildlife (we were still relatively close to the river, and with that, civilization), the guide did give us a thorough explanation of the different trees and what they’re used for. We even drank water from one of those huge vines!

Lunch rolls around. I thought of introducing you to the other two people in our tour group, an older couple from Lima, so I could talk about how they got drunk on beers during lunch, were generally a bit annoying and rude, and hella scared of the boat dancing on the waves a little bit. But I won’t, at least not more extensively than this, because there’s much more fun things to talk about.

Following the lunch we headed out on the boat again, this time to visit an animal rescue center. Most animals there just roamed around freely, like the monkeys that were all too eager fuck your shit up- I mean, climb on you and bite your fingers. They were adorable though, but also hard to take nice pictures of, because they move around so much. The caymans made for much easier shots. We got a little tour around the center grounds and were offered some freshly made cane juice. Essentially just sugar water, but good nonetheless.

That night, after the sun had set, we went for another walk in the jungle. In the dark this time. We managed to spot a lot of small frogs, and could hear a lot of birds calling out, but otherwise there wasn’t anything new to see. Still cool to have experienced a nightly jungle walk though. And when we returned there was a huge toad on the boardwalk, so apparently you don’t have to leave the lodging to see neat creatures.

So we stayed up late for that walk, but the next morning we had to get up early as well.
~ Fang

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