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We woke up before the sun had even risen. Something along the lines of four in the morning.

While the couple from Lima was sleeping off their hangovers, we eagerly got dressed and jumped into a low canoe-like boat with our guide. He paddled us along the trees and out into the main branch of the Amazon river. The sun was dawning. Bats were flying low over the water, catching any insects they could in what looked like some frantic feeding frenzy. The sun illuminated the light behind the clouds, and it was beautiful.

After returning for our breakfast we boated to a nearby place in the jungle where we’d meet with a native tribe. This definitely was one of the weirder experiences. You’re just never really sure what you should and shouldn’t believe. Did they really walk two hours to get here? This running in circles, is this really how they dance? This blowgun’s huge and super rad, but do they actually use this to hunt still? Haven’t they gotten their hands on guns yet?

Our guide explained some things about their lifestyle and culture to us, we got to use one of their big blowguns and were invited to do some traditional dancing (as mentioned above, it was just running in circles). Afterwards, they pushed us to all the little stalls they had set up with all kinds of handicrafts and guilt-tripped us into buying something.

We had some time left before we’d head back to Iquitos, so we stopped by a nearby village. You don’t expect it, but it was a small, generic-looking town. Except, you know, at some random place in the Amazon. One special thing though, is that they have a very long boardwalk that stretches all the way to the main body of the Amazon river. Having quick access is much more convenient than maneuvering through the trees first, I suppose.

Back at our lodging we got our lunch, packed our stuff, and then went back to Iquitos. All in all, those few days in the jungle were a cool experience!
~ Fang


  • 14/07/2015 (4:02 AM)

    Having just made the mistake of reading a lot of creepypasta I was expecting horror stories coming out of your time in the jungle. That dawn is beautiful man. Treasure moments like that.

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