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During our day in Iquitos, we had arranged a tour into the jungle! Three days and two nights of fun.

We got picked up at our hostel, dropped our bags off at the tour agency’s place, hopped on our boat, and off we went! Before heading to our lodges, we made a quick stop at an animal center of sorts where they kept piranhas, caimans, some really big fish, and a pair of these beauties. Our guide (really nice guy) had some interesting information on all the animals, but I’m just going to refer you to the Wikipedia page of whatever you may be interested in.

We then continued our boat trip towards our lodging. It was a surprisingly nice place. Everything was made out of wood (which always strikes my fancy), boardwalks between all the different houses because everything’s set up on pillars. Remember, it’s the Amazon, it floods once a year. The houses were pretty well-built, with fine nets in place where you’d normally put windows. You know, to keep the insects out, but allow air (and a shitton of jungle noise) to flow through.

After getting settled and having lunch, we went out onto the Amazon river again. We took a little swim (underwater the ground’s almost clay-like) and then headed out to a fishing spot. We’d be fishing for our dinner, we were told. “If we don’t catch, we don’t eat.” The fish nibbled on our bait quite aggressively, but they never dared bite. To brighten the mood, we spent some time dolphin spotting. Yes, there’s dolphins in the Amazon. We only caught glimpses of them, but amazing nonetheless.

That night we had fish for dinner.
~ Fang

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