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As described in yesterday’s post, we had successfully arrived in Iquitos.

For those not in the loop, Iquitos is located in the Peruvian Amazon. As you can imagine, this makes it really hard to reach by anything other than planes or boats. This has a number of implications for the city (though most go for the entire region), and one in particularly stood out a lot to us. The motor culture. Everyone and their dog’s grandmother has a motorbike. The things are everywhere. Know how many bikes you see in the average Dutch city? Replace those with motorbikes, and you get an idea.

Anyway, back to the city itself. It’s actually a really big one (largest in the world that isn’t accessible by road!), but we mainly stuck near the city center for the time we spent in Iquitos itself. Of course we paid the riverside a visit. As expected, there were a lot of boats. Most all of them just docked, even where there was no official place to do so. The river branch our side of Iquitos was connected to was rather pretty.

Oh, yeah. There was this one dinner place on a street corner. Like some other places we had seen, it had a very open layout. Instead of a single door for an entrance, they had a bunch of large garage doors on both sides. Cool, it helps with air flow (not that outside is any colder than inside) and gives you a view of the square. Except the place was also crawling with grasshopper-like insects. Had to get ’em off my meal three times, so that’s an experience.

After spending a day seeing the city, we decided, “hey, let’s enter jungle!”
~ Fang


  • 12/07/2015 (10:13 PM)

    Better grasshoppers than flies? Maybe?

    And to kinda go off of Mark, rural Thailand is 95% motorbikes… but even so, I’ve never seen them stacked together quite like that. That’s insane.

  • 11/07/2015 (2:26 PM)

    Maybe the grasshoppers were supposed to be an addon? I know Vietnam is like that with motorcycles too. Everyone has one and they’ve come up with some pretty ingenious ways to carry things on them. It sounds like a pretty neat place. Iquitos that is.

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