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I touched on this briefly in yesterday’s post, and it’s an interesting enough topic to warrant a slightly more expansive writeup.

In the mentioned post, I confessed to having over forty gigs worth of PDFs and other ebook-esque files. It’s a rather grand collection consisting for by far the largest part of computer science related books, but there’s also chunks of slightly more obscure literature in there. Fairly sure I got some scans of old (1800-something) books on shamanism for some reason. Not to mention a fair few books teaching how to do things that might be illegal in some countries.

So I have all those things, but that’s about it. I rarely ever do anything with it. That being said, it’s definitely nice to have it all available should it ever be needed. And I know that if I ever get bored, I can always read up on… how to construct a secret hiding place? Sure, why not!

Actually, I think it’s a good thing. We’re living in the information age, having knowledge accessible at the press of a button is a godsent privilege we should very gladly be making use of. I obviously can’t have all the books in the world stored on my computer, but I can definitely keep part of a small subset of that. Because it interests me, because it feels safe having that stored locally, because knowledge is worth its weight in gold.

Sadly it doesn’t weigh jack, unless you count the burden of being “that guy that knows how to improvise a land mine”.
~ Fang

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