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The question was "what will you not find on this blog?"

Yesterday I fucked up by upgrading my 3DS to the latest firmware.

That’s generally not something you want to do with things you intend to run unsigned (unofficial) software on. A thing you do want to do is make backups regularly. That’s exactly what I’ve done, so I do have a copy of my system’s data way back when it was still vulnerable to a number of exploits. Thing is, you can’t just restore it onto the device. That’d be way too easy.

Aside from waiting and praying, my only other option is messing with the hardware. On the device’s motherboard there’s a number of points you can connect to in order to read/write data from/to the system’s internal flash memory. Essentially you solder some wires to those points, solder them onto an SD card interface on the other end, and plug it into your computer. I could then replace the data on it with my older version from the backup, bringing it all back to a much nicer state.

Problem is, I have very little soldering experience. Most folks on the internet say anyone with basic skills can do it, as many people have succeeded already. But when I take a look at the pictures provided, it’s kinda cramped on the motherboard. One small mistake could end my device’s life for good. Though I’m currently not doing much with it, I’m not sure if the possibility of using it more is worth breaking it completely.

I may wait a little bit longer, something akin to a new exploit was recently uncovered, so who knows what that may bring.
~ Fang

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