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One big, very painful whoopsie.

Remember how I had that hip new flashcard that allowed me to do all kinds of fancy things on my 3DS, like run games for not very expensive? Well, not anymore I don’t. I still got the thing, but I’ve managed to make it absolutely fucking useless as off an hour ago. It prompted me for a system update, I double-checked to make sure I was still in the “safe” system, and did the update. It was updating the original system, the core, the heart of the machine. It’s grown infinitely stronger now.

What it boils down to is that the exploit the card used has long since been patched, hence why you’re always told to not upgrade if you ever intend on doing anything like homebrew or whatever on your device. I now have a flash card that gets flat-out ignored by the system, since the exploit can’t get it to be more accepting. It’s functionally useless.

It was such a stupid mistake too, in hindsight. But hey, 20/20 and all that. But I spent over fifty bucks on that thing and didn’t even play a single game from start to finish yet. (Guess that also shows why I don’t invest in games themselves these days.) All I can do now is wait and pray to the reverse engineering gods our lord and savior smealum will find a crafty way to make system-level changes.

Fuck me, I’m real salty over this.
~ Fang

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