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Stupid boy!

I’ll be admitting defeat here.

Remember that Werewolves project I’m working on, for which I so desperately wanted to do the server-side code in Lua because it’s that comfy a language? Well, everything has its uses. As it turns out, Lua just doesn’t adept that well to what I want to do with it in this specific case. Tried many an external library, but they just can’t deliver on my needs due to Lua’s limitations in that area. So I guess I’ll be going back to what I started with, a C# server-side.

I feel kind of stupid, and hindsight tells me that’s exactly what’s right. C# was my initial choice because the .NET framework that’s usually used with it provides so, so much utility right out of the box. Where with Lua I’ve been struggling for weeks to get my thing working half-decently, in C# I had it set up fully in a few short days. Lua is a mighty fine and fun language, but if its constraints affect me, then it just isn’t the right tool to use.

This doesn’t mean I haven’t gained anything though. I can now see that my initial desired implementation will probably be a bit overkill (read: simply poorly designed), and that there’s some neat ways of reworking that. Chances are small it’s really necessary, but I’ll probably rewrite most parts of what little I already had, just for the sake of getting back into it.

After many unproductive days, I’m finally back in action!
~ Fang


  • 24/07/2015 (3:46 AM)

    Hey what matters is that you’re back in action and you learned a lesson. Good luck getting the project done with the right tools this time.

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