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31 07 15

Fictional gear

Not necessarily your quantum teleportation devices or time travel machines.

What about less outlandish stuff, like something lightsaber-like or 3D maneuver gear? Fiction has blessed us with plenty of cool gadgets to drool over, and honestly, there’s some that I’d say could become real possibilities in the next hundred or so years. Granted, accurate expectations aren’t that promising: think back to the Jetsons, which was written in 1962, depicting levitating vehicles, fully sentient robots, and what more crazy things have you. Or, for a less ridiculous example, general “the year 2000 and beyond” predictions featured many things we’d still write off as “insanely difficult”, even with our current technology.

I digress though. Point was, some crazy inventions fiction have given us seem rather plausible within a reasonable timespan. And that’s a genuinely good thing, too! Sure, old and cranky scientists can get by with optimizing X or reworking Y, but I feel a younger generation is more easily inspired by the idea of one day being able to invent their very own sci-fi gadget. Not to mention it’s a good source of creative ideas for communities to build on and realize.

Star Trek brought us tablet computers, right?
~ Fang


  • 01/08/2015 (3:42 AM)

    It’s amazing how many things Star Trek brought us. They brought us video calls, automatic doors, and they’re even working on a medical tricoder! It’s awesome to see. Science fiction is something that becomes fact over time and it’s only through continued innovation that we can keep moving forward. Though I’m not sure about light sabers. I think it’s something like we could make a laser sword, but we couldn’t get the laser to stop. So it would just keep going and probably poke a bird in the eye.

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