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30 07 15

Corporate lies

It’s hard to earn back lost trust.

But then why do we still have trust in most large corporations? Numerous computer companies have been exposed for intentionally programming backdoors into their devices and software so whatever fucking agency was popular at the time could spy on us. They never disclosed this anywhere, it was kept secret. But hey, “we won’t do it again”, and all’s good apparently. For some reason people didn’t stop supporting those companies, aside from the initial few hours of shock.

It boggles my mind how companies can get away with lying. Are people really that forgiving, do they have that much faith in the company, or is it simply yet another convenience argument of not wanting to switch to something else? Does it really not matter anymore whether you’re a genuinely good company or not once you’ve established some form of market presence?

In my opinion, putting transparency lower than the lowest priority is not only a huge disservice to your users/clients, but also a sign of showing absolutely zero respect for them.
~ Fang


  • 31/07/2015 (2:58 AM)

    I’m really with you on this. There are companies I won’t deal with because of their business practices and some of the things they’ve done. I also know I’m guilty of continuing to use services/companies who have made mistakes and continue to mess up. I think people usually stick with them out of convenience. Even with all the stuff coming out about Windows 10 I still hear people saying they have, or plan to, install it. They’re only the latest example in a never ending list.

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