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It’s been a while since I’ve returned from my journey, plenty of time for me to get back into the same old routine.

The first few days took a bit of adjusting, still some leftover jetlag keeping me up ’til late and giving me a rough time getting out of bed. But after that initial period of getting back into the flow and catching up with everything I missed, things were normal again. No daily rush of “oh wow holy shit”, no long periods of travel. I actually got back to a programming project fairly swiftly, though of course that did come with the usual “how did I think this was a good idea”, “shit I better rewrite all this from scratch” thoughts.

Speaking of that project though, I actually decided to write the server-side code in a different language than I had started in. It’s been… nothing short of a challenge, to say the least. I think I finally have a way to get things done the way I want to while still using the language I prefer (that’s not a good mindset to have about things though), but it’s not fully implemented yet because of struggles and demotivation due to earlier failures.

I also found out I missed the Steam Summer Sale. Still had a thing I wanted to buy, my wallet is not happy.
~ Fang


  • 19/07/2015 (11:53 PM)

    I missed the Steam Summer Sale too. Intentionally. For the sake of my wallet AND my productivity.

    Good luck with your programming. As with writing, sometimes it’s better to wipe out what you have and do something differently the right way than to keep forging ahead the wrong way.

  • 18/07/2015 (1:47 PM)

    You didn’t miss much in the Steam Sale. I only came out with two games this year, and the second one was a sequel to the first. Good luck with the programming stuff. You’re good at problem solving so you should get it done easy. Well, not easy, but you’ll get it done.

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