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29 07 15


What is the label even worth, anyway?

I turned 21 today, which makes officially makes me a 100% adult, all across the globe. (I haven’t fact-checked that, but if there’s a country where there’s still age-based restrictions and other “limitations” for people 21 and over, let me know!) Doesn’t feel very special aside from the small milestone it represents. Here in the Netherlands all that’s new is being fully financially independent, the rest happened back when I turned eighteen. Shit, that was three years ago? Time flies.

My studies continue, it’ll be a while before I find a job and maybe settle someplace, but it definitely seems like I’m already nearing that time in my life where everything becomes kinda mundane. Doing my best to make sure that won’t ever happen, but in a sense it seems unavoidable? Getting older is kind of scary, not just because of “death is getting closer” reasons.

But hey, it’s been happening for over twenty years now, and apparently I’m still half-decent a person and I still enjoy my time, so I got that going for me. Best not to dwell on it!
~ Fang

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