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Instead of taking an indirect bus and having to wait for four hours in the middle of the night at the halfway stop, we decided to go with a direct bus to Lima.

All fine and great, apparently catering’s included and they’re playing concert DVDs of that one popular Peruvian pop artist we’ve heard way too much from already. Whatever, best we can do is make ourselves as comfy as we get and enjoy the ride and the views that comes with it. What we didn’t knew yet though, was that people can be absolutely disgusting. But let me back up there for a bit.

Across the isle from me, not much more than half a meter away, sat a lady in her fifties, maybe sixties. She had her pants permanently unbuttoned because otherwise her belly couldn’t fit. She happily threw her garbage on the ground, but I had seen worse so I didn’t let it bother me. She also randomly spat on the walkway though, which I was less prepared to deal with.

About an hour into the ride things get a little bumpy, and the service lady comes walking by asking if anyone needs a little plastic puking bag. The woman across the isle asks for one. Not much more than two minutes later she pukes all over the floor. It was orange. I saw her notice she got some on herself to, but she made no effort whatsoever to wipe it off. All she did was wipe her mouth with the bag she should’ve thrown up in. The smell slowly started to burn my nostrils.

It took twenty minutes for a “cleanup” action to take place. And all they did was throw some newspapers over it. Guess attempting to clean it on a moving bus would just make even more of a mess though. Besides, I had better things to worry about. Like not letting the grossness of the woman get to me. Fuck.

Needless to say, I was super happy when we finally arrived in Lima.
~ Fang

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